We Are Open Again ... FINALLY!

Darn that COVID 19! 
We, like all of you took the seriousness of COVID 19 and Sheltered In Place. 
However, a crafter can only SIP so long before going stark raving mad ...

WE need our Compass Centre Time !
WE need to be pampered by the Compass Centre Staff !
WE need to be able to act crazy and laugh with friends !

We at The Compass Centre have missed all of you as much as you've missed us.  You are all part of our "Tribe"!

Welcome Home ... Hope to see you soon.

Where friends gather to eat, laugh, eat, create, eat and share ….
Did we say “eat”?!

The only requirement is that each and every guest have a great time.  
As one of our guests stated, "I finally know what it feels like to be a man!.  
The bell rings for a meal, I get my plate, fill it with awesome food that someone else has prepared, indulge in a great dessert, and someone else
cleans up."