Check In and Out

Weekend Retreats: 

Thursday and Friday Check In: 12 Noon

Sunday Check Out: 2 p.m.
Effective 1/1/2017: Minimum is 24 for Fri & Sat

Mid-Week Retreats: 

Sunday Check In: 5 p.m

Wednesday and Thursday Check Out: 10 a.m.
Effective 1/1/2017: Minimum is 15 for Sun-TH

We ask that you do NOT arrive before the above arrival time, as the Centre Staff will be in the process of cleaning and preparing for your arrival.  Please be prepared to depart the premises by the above departure time as another group will be arriving shortly thereafter.

Effective 1/1/2017: Group coordinators must submit their guaranteed number of retreaters no less than 14 days in advance of the retreat.  Because the expenses of The Compass Centre are fixed, management may add additional retreaters to groups that do not fill the 35 bed capacity.

Smoking: Smoking is permitted outdoors in the designated area only.  Please use appropriate disposal of butts.

Pets: For the safety and comfort of our guests, as well as complying with the Health Department rules, pets are not allowed inside the building unless used to render service or aid.

Violation of the Smoking Policy will result in the termination of your current stay, as well as future stays.  There will be a $250 fine for smoking in the building to pay for sanitizing and clean up.

Returned Check Policy:  Any coordinator and/or guest that has issued The Compass Centre and/or Melissa Picha a check which was returned for Insufficient Funds will not be allowed to attend a retreat at The Compass Centre, until certified monies have been issued to The Compass Centre and/or Melissa Picha to replace the returned check along with any fees incurred by The Compass Centre and/or Melissa Picha. This is meant to include any groups that the coordinator would bring to The Compass Centre. In addition, if the coordinator has any retreats at the Compass Centre after the insufficient check has been replaced with certified funds, payment in full by certified funds will be required no less than thirty days prior to the scheduled event.  Failure to comply with this policy will results in all future dates being cancelled.


Contact Information to Leave for Spouses/Children

The Compass Centre – 1030 FM 339 – Mount Calm, Texas 76673 – located in Hill County near the edge of Hill, McLennan and Limestone counties.

Telephone on the Centre Desk: (254) 993-1520 (During your stay, please feel free to answer the telephone on the desk when it rings)

Telephone to Owners (817) 266-9025

Weather Alerts: For our guests’ safety, there are three weather alert radios in the Centre.  They are set to sound an alarm when there are warnings for Hill, McLennan and Limestone Counties.